Oh snap!!! Who knew?!?!?!

I make no sound!

I never do these things, but this one is so awesome just because of the result I got. I love hammerhead sharks.

I'm Valerie and
I'm a Hammerhead Shark.
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Oh snap!!! Who knew?!?!?!

I am lame.

Ok, so I posted a week or so ago about my cheesy wedding journal (mahspeshulday), but being the LJ retard that I am, I set up the community wrong. I tried to set it up so that only I would post to it (and Heather and Brian if I decide to be nice and let them) but people can still friend it, read it and comment on it. I failyourized! So, I changed some settings and now it should be correct. So, if you aren't seeing those posts on your friends page, then go ahead and friend it now and it should work.

Sorry I am stupid! Thanks!
Oh snap!!! Who knew?!?!?!

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Hiddley ho. I've had lots of weddingish thoughts and stuff lately, so I made a journal for them. Sure, I could be using this one for all of that, but I want to keep this one to my 1 post per 3 month average. Heh. Plus, if you don't want to read about that crap you can easily avoid it! Also, as the new one is technically a community, that means other wedding related people (Brian, Heather) can post too. I'm sure Brian is itching to do just that...

It can be found here: mahspeshulday. Yippee.

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Arrested Development!! <3

This just sounds wrong.

There hasn't been any raisin wisdon in a while because I switched to Dole raisins. Dole claims to be plumper and juicier, and they are. However, they neglected to mention that they taste icky. So, I am back to Sunmaid.

Today's raisin wisdom is: Happiness is an inside job.


Oh snap!!! Who knew?!?!?!

I had to post this

I haven't posted my raisin wisdom in a while because lately they've been a) lame or b) repeats. But today's is a gem and I just had to share!

Your name is your parents' gift to you. Live up to it.

There, now isn't your life a little bit better?

Oh snap!!! Who knew?!?!?!

I'm questioning my inclusion of raisins in my lunch

Today's raisin advice is "Help a friend." Meh, kind of bland.

However, I happened to notice the ingredients on the side of the box. They are "Just grapes and sunshine", which of course is trademarked.

I think raisins are perhaps too happy and nauseatingly cute for me. Not sure if I can continue eating them.